O N   T H E   W A Y

Dark Current Ale - ETA Aug

Sauerstrom Ale - ETA Aug

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 Thunderweizen AleBavarian Style HefeweizenWheaty & Citrus Notes5.6%

It's Back

Elemental PilsnerClassic German Bier with Noble HopsPale & Crisp with a Slightly Hoppy Finish6.4%

Biergarten Helles
Light Refreshing Lager
SmokyScorched Earth LagerIntended to be Ionizer but the Corn BurnedLager with a Smoky Finish8.0%

Dubbel Negative Ale

Belgian Style Ale

Malty & Lightly Spicy6.8%

 Experimental IPA #5Rye IPA, Dry-hoppedHoppy7.0%

Hazy Sky IPANew England Style IPASmooth, Hoppy, Minimally Bitter6.5%

Blue Sky IPANelson-hopped IPA
Floral Bitter Finish

 Red Arc IPAFull-bodied IPA'd AmberMalty with a Hoppy Finish8.0%

Jalapeño Red AleJalapenos & Habaneros Added to Red ArcMalty & Spicy Hot8.0%

 Electrostatic AleFrench Farmhouse AleEarthy, Sweet, Spicy10.6%

 Jim's Motor Oil Stout

30W & 50W Available

30W: Medium-bodied Stout

​50W: Full-bodied Stout

Malty & Coffee8.5%

Wed 7/28

Cherry JMO StoutReal Cherries Added to Jim's Motor Oil StoutMalty with Light Cherry Finish8.5%

It's Back

 The GravitonOur Black & TanNitro Stout Layered Over Pilsner7.4%

Flight of 4 Tasters

Standard (you choose)
 Mystery (we choose & you identify)

 Craft Sodas (No Alcohol)

Root Beer & Cream Soda



 British IPABitter Not Hoppy Traditional IPA

Dunkel Oktoberfest AleDark Wheat Ale
Brewed as an Ale & Fermented as a Lager
Relatively Light, Flavorful, Clean Finish

Sauerstrom Ale
Berliner WeisseSlightly to Moderately Tart

Lightning Kolsch

Classic German Kolsch-style Bier

Blond with Almost No Bitterness

Ionizer Lager

Pre-prohibition Style American Lager

Hearty & Smooth

Double Integral DIPADry-hopped West Coast Style Imperial IPA